We sell avocados and avocado oil online and at our location in Morro Bay on the Central Coast of California. Our mission is to consistently provide high quality mature Hass avocados. Our regular satisfied customers, restaurants, sushi bars, caterers, local health and specialty food shops depend on our premium avocados. When its on their menu, they cannot afford to compromise quality.

Avocado Oil - 25.4 ozs
Our 25.4 ozs size bottle is perfect for holiday giving and is a lovely gift to give all year long.

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Refund Policy


In the event you receive a damaged package or are not pleased with our products, Morro Creek Ranch will replace it at no charge to you. 

You may instead request a refund of the purchase price by phoning our office at (805) 772-7974.  This monetary refund shall not in any instance, nor for any reason, exceed the original purchase price of the product as charged to the consumer at the time the product was purchased.