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Avocado Health Benefits


Avocado Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts about Avocados

One fifth of a medium avocado (1oz.) contributes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, including 4% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) for vitamin E, 4% vitamin C, 8% folate, 4% fiber, 2% iron, 4% potassium, with 81 micrograms of lutein and 19 micrograms of beta-carotene.

Avocados acts as a "nutrient booster" by enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene as well as lutein, in foods that are eaten with the fruit.

According to the USDA's Agricultural Research Service, California avocados contain a complex package of phytonutrients, including carotenoids that may provide numerous healthy benefits. These and other plant compounds appear to protect humans against certain cancers, heart disease and age-related macular degeneration. They may also play a role in preventing oxidative damage and may help enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation and detoxify contaminants.


Avocados are good for your heartHeart Health with Avocados

Avocados can help consumers meet the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association, eating a diet that is low to moderate in fat. The fats should be primarily unsaturated and low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
Why are avocados heart healthy? First, because they are naturally sodium and cholesterol free, but also because they are full of unsaturated fats that are good for you. Your body needs fat to survive. These good fats work to insulate nerve cells, keep us warm, balance hormones, and lubricate joints.

Avocados and unsaturated fatAvocado Unsaturated Vs. Other Saturated Fats

Unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature and essential to your diet. They come mainly from plants and include most vegetable oils. Saturated fats are hard at room temperature and are not essential to your diet. They generally come from animal sources, such as meats and dairy products. They are harder to digest and full of cholesterol.
Avocados are high in unsaturated fats which actually help lower blood cholesterol levels as opposed to saturated fats which cause blood cholesterol levels to increase.


Avocados and Your Diet

Fresh avocado on sandwiches and toast or substituted as a spread in a place of many other popular foods may help reduce dietary intake of calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.


Looking for a twist on spreads and dips? A 1-ounce serving of fresh avocados contains 0mg of cholesterol, 0mg of sodium, and 0.5g saturated fat. See the chart below for examples of how fresh avocados are a great substitute on sandwiches, toast or substituted as a spread in place of many other popular foods.

Avocados and your diet